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What is Kaizen

What is kaizen? 

“What is kaizen?” is not a simple question to answer. Although you will find many different approaches to Kaizen, the best example is that used in the Toyota Production System where the process of constant improvement in all aspects of the company is a daily imperative. It applies to every part of the company and to every employee.

To be successful Kaizen must be a top down activity and without the lead of the CEO it is doomed to fail. It is not something that is taken out of the toolbox. Instead it is part of the philosophy of success and follows the simple idea imparted by Deming - PLAN, DO, CHECK, ACT - PDCA

Deming Wheel

Used correctly, kaizen is extremely powerful and can deliver quick bottom line benefits by eliminating waste without the necessity for incurring large capital cost or increased requirement for working capital. Incorporating kaizen into corporate thinking will deliver real competitive advantage. Ignore it at your peril!

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