What is QFD?

Generally, called Quality Function Deployment (QFD) it is a method in which the customer is integrated into the design and development process.

The Hoshin Kanri process has been used many companies and has been developed to shorten the time to market.

QFD has been designed to help organisations focus on characteristics of a new or existing product or service from the viewpoints of market segments, company, or technology-development needs. 

QFD focusses on the needs of the customer (commonly called the voice of the customer) to help develop an organisation's products or service ensuring that the respective characteristics are prioritised whilst at the same time developing targets for them.

QFD concentrates on optimising customer/client satisfaction.

A QFD House of Quality is shown below:

QFD has been used by many organisations including health services, professional services, military and product manufacture. QFD is also used to identify and document competitive marketing strategies and tactics.

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